Ensuring Client Satisfaction During the Outdoor Design Process

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Ensuring Client Satisfaction During the Outdoor Design ProcessThere are many different aspects of the outdoor design process that give the client confidence in the ability to receive the outdoor design of their dreams and exceed their expectations when the work is complete. Each step of the outdoor design process keeps the client involved and informed which allows for the use of the designer’s expertise to create the vision the client created. We feel good customer service starts and ends with communication. Getting to know your clients, keeping them involved, and always keeping their best interest in mind will almost always lead to a beautifully done project and a completely satisfied customer.

Here are some key fundamental concepts to ensure your client is engaged and satisfied in the end without any surprises.

Listening & Note Taking

Most customers will voice their needs and concerns about their upcoming outdoor design project, so be sure to listen and take extensive notes at your first meeting and to review those notes when you get back to your office. Try to note additional items they may have spoken of that you

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Which Paving Stones Will Be Suitable for Your Garden

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Which Paving Stones Will Be Suitable for Your GardenYou can create a garden that looks like a perfect picture or a fairy tale scene. There are endless possibilities on how to decorate your garden with the right paving stone. Your perfect garden can be created by selecting the best paving stones that will fit not only your garden but your pocket too. Decorating a garden can both be easy and fun if you plan it correctly beforehand. Planning is essential since there are many ways to adapt a garden.

Paving stones vary in colour, size, shape, and weight. The options available include cobblestones, flagstones, cladding and copings. When paving your garden ensure that you have the correct equipment and tools. If you aren’t able to do it yourself, then get a professional brick layer or a landscaper to assist you.

There are many paving stone designs available for your driveway, walkway or pathway. For this application, paving tiles are ideal as they are large squares that can be placed along the walkway or driveway. Grooming all pathways in the garden with paving tiles will create a smooth

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Create an Outdoor Seating Area in Your Garden

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Summer days and nights are great for enjoying the outdoors. The best way to enjoy the summer is by using your outdoor seating area in your garden. Whether it is in the back or front yard, your garden will always look wonderful fondazionertuwith a comfortable seating area. Part of the fun is to be part of nature and enjoying it in a comfortable area.

Whether you have old chairs, new chairs, white or black, it should always be comfortable. If you don’t have a lot of chairs that are the same design, you can mix and match the ones you have to create an eclectic theme. Choose weatherproof furniture to create a welcoming outdoor seating area that can withstand the weather. You can add an amazing outdoor kitchen which incorporates the sink and a braai area. Enhance your outdoor experience by using different kinds of materials and fabrics to create a place of tranquility and peace. Together with this, an all-white crisp, clean and cool seating area can create the power of serenity in your garden.

You can create your own seats and don’t have to buy

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Plan Your Front Yard Landscape

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If you are moving into a new place and you are planning to develop a property in a new neighborhood, or if you are just tired of seeing an unkempt and plain property, it can be an opportunity for you to have a project and plan your front yard landscape. This can be daunting and intimidating in the beginning. However, this can be an opportunity for you to express your family brand even before you officially enter into your new place, or enliven the neighborhood and inspire others to take care of their properties as well.

Of all the aspects of property development, one of the most essential is front yard landscape management. After all, the first impression of any visitor that you have largely depends on the kind of property that you keep. For that reason, planning your front yard landscape is an important part of building your family image. In order to assist you in your project, listed below are a couple of reminders that could help you plan your landscape.

  • Assess your property and build the landscape design around it.

Planting random shrubs and other forms of plants and vegetation around property might sound easy, but doing it haphazardly will

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How to Choose Fence Companies for Landscaping

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Landscaping your property is a huge investment and you can make use of the services of a fence company to make it look beautiful. An attractive fence can enhance the landscape. You can match the fence design to the landscape to create your own unique style. A good fence can be a decorative item to your lawn and can help increase the overall appeal and value of your property.

Before you choose fence companies to install the fence of your choice, you may have to take several things into consideration as it can a tricky process. It is important that you research the fencing companies before you make the final choice.

Materials used, cost, warranty and experience are some of the things that you may have to consider so that you are able to make an informed choice. Choosing the right fencing company for the job is important so that you are able to avoid complications at a later stage.

Contact the local building authorities to gain knowledge about fence restrictions. Style, height and location may be affected by the restrictions specified by the local authorities. Gaining knowledge about these restrictions may help you

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Landscaping Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal at Garden Centers

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Homeowners looking to add curb appeal or market value to their homes can get started with landscaping ideas and products at local garden centers. Planting trees and selecting colorful flowers will not only provide a welcoming atmosphere to visiting guests, but doing so may also raise the sale price of the home. The right kind of mulch can be an easy and inexpensive way to polish up a yard’s appearance, cover up problem areas, and promote the health of existing plants. The upkeep of grass with products and regular maintenance will ensure its healthy and attractive shade of green remains. Finally, colorful pottery can brighten dark spots, while installing lawn art, such as wind chimes and sculptures, adds a unique and personal touch to the home’s exterior.

Add Trees and the Right Flowers

As many people associate trees with cleaner air, less pollution, and a step away from an urban environment, planting a few trees in the front yard not only improves the general aesthetic of a home’s exterior, but it can also boost a home’s market value. According to a study, homes on the real estate market with trees-especially those planted between the sidewalk

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Are Fence Combinations a Good Idea

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Combining fences can mean many different things. It could be mixing two different styles of fencing, combining materials, joining different sizes, and more. In any scenario, a fence combination can be good or bad. It just depends on how you go about mixing the fences and what you choose to mix.

Fencing Material Combinations

In general, some fences include various materials for various components. For instance, one may have metal rails and glass balustrades, while another may have wooden tops and bottoms with metal balustrades. These ideas are great, as long as it is consistent and blended well. In other words, raw wood with round, metal, and black balustrades may not look as good as painted wood with matching balustrades. In some case, two colors will blend fine and match the surroundings. It just depends on the situation.

Another version of material fence combinations involved using two different toyed of fences together. In this instance, it could be a vinyl fence followed by a metal one. This might be OK as long as it shows a pattern that balances with the area. For instance, the back, front, and one side may use metal fencing

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What Is the Difference Between Hardwood and Softwood Garden Furniture

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What is the difference between hardwood and softwood?

Despite their names, hardwood isn’t necessarily harder than softwood, and softwood isn’t always softer than hardwood. The difference actually comes down to the type of trees they come from. Hardwood comes from deciduous trees (trees that shed their leaves in the winter) and have seeds with a fleshy or nutty covering. Examples of hardwood include oak, elm and teak. Softwood on the other hand comes from evergreen trees such as pine and spruce. Their seeds are bare and exposed (think conifers).

Hardwood – in particular teak – is popular for use in garden furniture due to its durability and weather resistance. It is also often used for indoor furniture, flooring, tools, musical instruments, barrels and shipbuilding amongst other things. Hardwood tends to be heavier and more expensive than softwood.

Softwood is also used to make garden furniture, but has to be treated in order to protect it from the elements. In general it is more commonly used than hardwood due to its lower cost and ease to work with. Softwood is widely used in construction.

Which one costs the most?

Hardwood comes from slow-growing

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Delightful Landscaping With Zero Maintenance, Made Possible by Faux Rubber Plants

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Tropical themed interior landscapes are a great way to greet new customers who are looking for a retreat from the bustling sight and sounds of the city. If you already have faux tropical themed hotel or restaurant, then Rubber artificial plant should be a perfect addition to your decorative interiors. Also in addition to complementing the theme of your landscape these plants also provide a brilliant visual display that pleases the eyes of any wandering onlooker. And best of all, they don’t require you to setup any special environment for them to survive; just read on to find out more.

The specialty from the tropics

Rubber is a plant that is most commonly found in the tropics and subtropics. The Rubber plant is known for its great height and its broad leaves that are green, reddish or greenish white. The artificial rubber plant has been crafted to exactly replicate all the minute details of the original plant and is handcrafted with the finest quality plastic that perfectly mimics the waxy feeling of the original leaves.

The faux rubber plant can make a perfect addition to large hallways and enormous hotel lobbies or receptions, where smaller

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The 3 Benefits of Utility Vehicles for Landscaping

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If you have a landscaping business, apart from having the right manpower to make plans for decoration and allowing them to use various accessories for the beautification, there are several other aspects that you need to look into. The significant element is the utility vehicles that are often used for landscaping purposes. Carrying around essentials to the designated place, removal of debris, removal of extra soil and grass, etc. is a part of the landscaping duties that every business of its type has to undertake.

It depends on your capabilities to either purchase utility vehicles for your use or hire them from rental services as and when required. Hiring a utility vehicle for the time span that you require it for may sometimes turn costly for you. You may have to spend several days to complete the client’s project and hiring one on a daily basis and paying for the insurance for it would end up being heavy for your pocket. While you are in double minds while making purchases for utility vehicles for your business, here are a few benefits that it has to provide.

• Can be operated by anyone – They are

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Tips to Shape a Garden Space and Lay a Turf

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Home gardening is different, in respect to commercial up gradation where you require the help of an expert landscaping service to look after your business outdoors, make sure the plants, lawn and the turf remain shining all the time. However, when things in your home outdoors are not kept in a well-maintained condition and the lawn and trees look in awful shape, it’s time to redesign your garden space and a lay a new turf, all by yourself.

Adding some shape to your grass or garden is a direct procedure that can have a major effect in the presence of the groundcover. Here are some easy tips and ways by which you shape up your lawn and make the most of your outdoor space.

Changing an existing rectangular yard into an adjusted or roundabout shape can change the entire feel of the greenhouse. It can make additional planting spaces or give new chances to utilize materials, for example, slate in the crevices.

Measure the new shape, the size of your yard.

Sketch out the outline on paper in the first place, and after that use a measuring tape to exchange these estimations onto

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4 Benefits Of A Professionally Installed Reticulation System

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Having a healthy lawn will certainly entail plenty of work. However, this only happens if you choose to do most of the tasks manually. Today, you can choose to be smarter by investing in reliable maintenance equipment. Responsibilities related to lawn care can be done a lot easier and faster. Also, you only need a few bucks to carry it out.

To make lawn maintenance a lot simpler and easier, among the strategies to consider is to install a reticulation system. Indeed, plenty of residents with lawns and garden prove that this is a very worthy investment as it provides lots of great benefits. Lawn specialists from all around the world have shared some of these benefits.

Advantages Of Installing A Reliable Reticulation System In Your Yard

It will save you a significant amount of time – A properly working reticulation system can actually be programmed for it to automatically water your lawn. You can already wipe off the task of watering your lawn during beneficial times of the day from your day-to-day schedule. Once you have programmed the system, it will already work on its own. This further means that you will have more

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7 Good Reasons To Hire a Lawn Care Pro to Mow Your Yard

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Lawn mowing is not easy. The blistering sun, biting insects, clouds of dirt and dust and lawn mower fumes can make you want to run inside and hide. Yes, mowing and trimming a yard is a big pain for a variety of reasons, all of them legitimate; but there really is a better way.

You can make the pain go completely away by hiring a lawn care pro, and all for a surprisingly reasonable price. If you have never considered hiring a professional company to mow your grass, you might want to reconsider. Here are seven good reasons to think about it:

    1. It’s not as expensive as you might think. Mowing companies and landscapers in general are very competitive on price. A reputable company will offer a fair bid and work hard to keep your lawn care costs low. Shop around and look for a company that will beat competitor’s prices with the same high level of service.

    1. Consistent and reliable day of service. Barring inclement weather, your service pros will generally arrive on a specific day to mow the grass. For example, lawn mowing in southwest Florida is usually once a week

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Top 6 Benefits of Fencing Your Garden

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A garden develops only when it is nurtured properly. If gardening is your passion, then you must be well aware of the immense hard work and patience that are required to cultivate a garden of your choice. Fencing is one of the many tasks that need to be accomplished for the proper maintenance of your dream garden. Putting up the right fence is not only essential for gardening but putting up a sturdy fence around your property is also of utmost importance to ensure its security. Below are provided some of the key advantages of building a privacy fence.

The following are some of the significant benefits of putting up privacy fences:

Provision of shelter – Installing barriers around your garden or property will provide them with shelter against the natural elements like the gusts of wind that can destroy your garden. This may also give shade to your plants against the scorching rays of the sun.

Putting demarcation – Fences will also assist in demarcating your property from others. This is most required at the time of any controversy in regards to the boundary of yours and your neighbor’s land or home.

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Exploring the Types of Tubular Fencing

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Tubular fencing is a widespread option for landscaping, property marking, décor, and more. They are available from the fencing manufacturer in various shapes that include square, round, rectangular, etc. The material often used is wrought iron, but you can find other options such as stainless steel, standard steel, and aluminum. As you can see, tubular fencing has many options when it comes to style, appearance, and use. Here is more information on tubular fencing options.

Tube Fence Materials

Aluminum tube fences are a popular option because they will not rust or corrode like standard metal. However, standard metal provides added strength and stability. Aluminum is more prone to dents and dings. They can also bend easier. But that all depends on how they are made and how thick they are.

Another option for tubular fences is wrought iron. Although this material is a form of iron, it is prone to snapping and breaking, depending on its construction. It can also rust and corrode, but the rusting is a slower process due to lack of carbon and sulfur. Wrought iron fencing is easily available and a cost-efficient option. It can be painted to any color you

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Artificial Palm Tree Helping to Create Long Lasting Impression on Clients

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To build a lasting impression on your prospective clients and business partners you need to have the element of visual spectacle in your nearby surroundings. As such a place that exudes a general sense of neatness and beauty goes a long way to ensure that your clients do not forget you easily. For this reason, landscaping needs are felt so acutely by almost everybody embarking on any form of business or corporate venture. Artificial palm trees are a great way to enhance the general beauty of your surroundings.

General Characteristics of the Faux Palms

Palm trees come in two major varieties; the date palm and the coconut palm. Irrespective of the variety they have the unifying aspect of being upright and having a perfectly proportioned leaf arrangement. This is why these plants are great for an outdoor landscaping plan. Since antiquity, palms have been a symbol of peace and victory hence using faux palms for your outdoor décor help strike the esoteric balance between security and confidence.

The large evergreen leaves of the palm have always induced an atmosphere of relaxation and ease creating the illusion of a beachfront ambiance. The faux palm tree

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What Do You Need to Construct a Braai Pit Seating Area

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With money and time you can build about anything in this day and age. You can enjoy the space of your fire pit all year around, whether you choose to make a sleek contemporary gas model or a portable wood-burning fire pit.

Planning is the first thing you must do before you build a braai pit seating area. When building a fire pit you can use almost any type of building or paving material. However, consider the style of your house when you choose the paving materials for the braai pit seating area so it doesn’t look misplaced. For example, you could use the same colour bricks as your house if you have a face brick style house. If you have a specific theme in mind, then you can look at different design and décor options. For a rustic look use free form stones, like the flagstone. For a contemporary and sophisticated look, opt for glass rocks. You can use a grid pattern for the patio by using a formal paving tile, such as porcelain, ceramic, or slate.

If you are building a small braai pit for three or four people, don’t build or put

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Using Marble for Outdoor Projects

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For many people, the hardest part of remodeling is figuring out how to design the exterior of the house. Unlike interior design which is only seen by your close colleagues, your yard’s appearance is visible to the whole world which makes it even more important to select the best choice. While there are many options in the market that all serve a variety of uses, very few are as versatile as marble when it comes to looks and practicality. Marble is unique in its ability to not only be used as cobblestone pavement, but also as wall claddings and garden furnishings.

One of the main advantages of choosing marble for your outdoor project is that it is very durable without any dangerous additives. Marble is made out of naturally occurring sediment which is polished down to a high grade slab that can be used to make incredibly resilient products. This is great for both walls and outdoor paths as they will be frequently exposed to the elements and are one of the few products that can adequately deal with the harshness that weather brings. Also due to its extreme strength, marble décor needs less frequent replacement

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10 Useful Tips About Wooden Summer Houses and Sheds for Gardens

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Building regulations and planning permission

“My garden and my rules” is unfortunately not exactly the way it works with setting up a summer house or any other building in your garden. Whether you need to apply for a planning permit or not depends on the size and height of the building, ways of use, location in the garden and other details. There are two separate issues when considering a new garden building – Building Regulations and Planning Permission. In most cases, if the building has an internal floor space up to 15m² and its overall height is less than 2.5m, it is very unlikely that you’ll need any Building Regulations or Planning Permissions at all. Even if your garden building is within the limits, it is still wise to contact your local planning office and get all the answers to your questions. This will give you peace of mind to be sure that everything goes to plan with your new garden office or a hobby room. Should your desired summer house or a garden room exceed the limits, don’t worry and don’t give up your dream! In this case you should call or visit your local

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The 4 Important Elements to Own While Being a Landscaping Service Provider

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Landscaping often involves taking care of several aspects of a lawn or garden. It includes its beautification by modifying, changing and adding elements to make it look appealing to the eye. Often you would see landscaping service providers having to perform several tedious tasks of cutting into the soil, uprooting unwanted trees, digging canals, etc. They are the ones who stock themselves with the latest equipment and machinery that helps people in accomplishing their landscaping needs.

Landscaping can be carried out in residential areas or commercial areas, and whatever is the need, the provider should have it all in them to help their client have a satisfying experience. If you are a service provider, you should ensure that you have the following equipment to help you with the process and make the tasks easy for you as well as your client. Having all of this equipment would allow the customer a peace of mind and not hire someone else for other devices.

• The right transportation vehicles – Having the right fleet of vehicles to aid in landscaping work is vital. You would require vehicles such as excavators, tippers, cranes, etc. that would allow your

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The 3 Common Decorative Stones That You Can Use for Garden Landscaping

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Having a sprawling garden in front of the house is a dream that each one of us has. Beautifying the garden with flowers, hedges, decorative elements, etc. that match with your choice can customise the look of your garden and make it appealing to the eyes. You can add several decorative elements to your garden where you can install picket fences, water fountain, hedges, flowering plants, etc. and beautify it accordingly.

A decorative element for gardens that several landscapers make use of is decorative stones. Stones vary in size and shape and can be made to use in several ways depending on the kind of garden you have and the amenities it can accommodate. Apart from stones, several landscapers suggest the use of large or mid-sized rocks that can make a great piece of garden decoration. Decorating your garden is a task that you would love to do it yourself but if you are in need of a guide to the kind of pebbles and stones you can use for your garden, here is some necessary help.

• River pebbles – They are round and have a smooth finish to them as they are extracted

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